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MAVERICK: 1) A Political Rebel 2) One who refuses to conform or who takes an independent stand, especially in politics (i.e. art). 3) A lost, stray, or unbranded herd animal.

Maverick believes more in maverick art than in maverick artists. More in maverick poems than in maverick poets. That is, Maverick believes in the maverick impulse. The impulse that draws one away from the herd and leads to a new, independent, original stand. Such impulse is virtually insustainable in the main, and thus, even in those artists who devote their entire lives to relentlessly courting their respective muses, truly maverick moments are the exception, not the rule. The poet Robert Lowell felt that writers were lucky if, in the course of their lives, they'd written one truly great and memorable stanza, or a few great and memorable lines, much less an entire poem. To say nothing of an entire opus. Maverick is dedicated to the discovery and display of those most rare and vital moments, those poems that resonate soundly with the rich, original and visionary imagery, language and content that is the maverick impulse; the best and most important vein of the American poetic tradition.

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